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At OCEANDIVA we care for the planet. We are taking the lead in eco-friendly sailing, helping to build a more sustainable future for the shipping and events sectors. Our goal is for all our venues to organize completely CO2-neutral and fossil-free events for our customers in the upcoming years. If you choose OCEANDIVA, you are helping to create a more sustainable future.

OCEANDIVA uses CO2-reducing biofuels
Our ships in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany operate on an advanced blend with biofuel. This biofuel is made from 100% certified waste or residual flows and ensures a standard CO2 reduction of 20%. By sailing on this biofuel blend, less particulate matter and nitrogen particles are emitted into the air, improving air quality.

The world’s first carbon neutral event ship
OCEANDIVA is building world's first CO2-neutral event ship (expected to be operational in 2023). The event ship, based in London, will be powered by electricity and equipped with a circular waste management system.

Biologic oil
We use biodegradable oil. This reduces the oil drain with 50% relative to synthetic oil. 

Water use
To save water, the toilets are rinsed with river water. Once the water has served its purpose, it goes to designated tanks that will be picked up by a waste processing company.

Power lock
Once moored, the ships are connected to shore power. At their home port, the ships are continually connected to shore power: an environmentally-friendly measure that is increasingly being applied by governments in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. 

For sustainability the ships are equipped with LED lighting. LED lamps have a longer lifespan and lower energy consumption, making it an environmentally friendly lighting source. 

Sustainable partners
We are happy that there are many other companies who share the same belief and are committed to environmental and social practices to deliver more sustainable events. OCEANDIVA is keen to further improve ways to go green and will continue to engage with our event partners and suppliers to increase our positive impact across everything we do.


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