Organizers of events are increasingly engaged in corporate social responsibility. OCEANDIVA has been a huge supporter of this since 2003. Planet & People is, therefore, a fundamental part of the OCEANDIVA objectives and proudly supported by the entire OCEANDIVA team. 

Biologic oil

We use biodegradable oil. This reduces the oil drain with 50% relative to synthetic oil.

Water use

To save water, the toilets are rinsed with river water. Once the water has served its purpose, it goes to designated tanks that will be picked up by a waste processing company.


Reducing food waste

Reducing food waste during events is a major priority for us. Together with our catering partners, we try to tune catering as closely as possible to the number of guests and we encourage giving away leftovers to organizations who benefit. 

Power lock

Once moored, the ships are, if available, connected to shore power. ?At their home port, the ships are continually connected to shore power: an environmentally-friendly measure that is increasingly being applied by governments in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.


OCEANDIVA finds it very important to make a contribution to social goals. We do this through donations, sponsorship and voluntary work. For example, Managing Director Mandy Berding once locked herself up for Free a Girl. An emergency aid organization that works to free young girls from forced prostitution. OCEANDIVA also supports Noordje, a non-profit organization that organizes art and language projects at school for children from 6-18 years in Amsterdam Noord. 


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