02 / 10 / 2017

OCEANDIVA expands her horizon and adds a new destination to her organization. It has already been announced in an interview with Dutch magazine De Ondernemer (The Entrepreneur), but early 2019 OCEANDIVA will set sail to the capital of the United Kingdom: London.

CEO Edwin Petersen bought the first ship – The Original – 15 years ago from a bankrupt Russian shipyard. After the ship was transformed into an event ship, the adventure of OCEANDIVA begun. What started out as an event venue for public events, developed itself into an international venue for corporate events with mooring places spread throughout the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Seventeen years later, another country will be added. OCEANDIVA will moor in London.

The OCEANDIVA will be a unique appearance on the Thames. The river, that crossed through London, has never seen such a big event ship as the OCEANDIVA Original. Because of that, the negotiations with the harbour masters were not easy. “We have been in contact with all involved parties for almost two years. We are now in the final phase of all formalities. The first engagements have already been received.

The ship will dock in the London Royal Dock’s nearby the Excel Centre, 02 Arena and Canary Warf. In addition, there will also be a beautiful spot in the heart of the capital nearby the Tower Bridge.

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