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Get your brand moving and replicate your event around the country and abroad.

Mobility is key to every roadshow. And which venue is more mobile than a sailing one? With OCEANDIVA you make a one-off investment in setting up and breaking down your display, after which your product or service can be presented in ten cities within two weeks to your customers, business associates, or resellers. Your event is literally on the move and you are able to reach a wider audience much more efficiently.  




There are other benefits too; your target group has to spend less time travelling, which not only helps the environment but also reduces no-shows. Together with you, we will look at the accessibility of your event and the concerning cities. We will also think along with parking and transfer options, distances to airports and hotels.


Capacity:100 - 1,500guests


The contemporary central area of The ORIGINAL is an ideal location for any roadshow. Cars and other high, heavy or large objects can be hoisted on board without any difficulty through the specially designed sliding hatch.


Capacity:100 - 600guests


Let your guests watch breathtaking sunsets over the river while anticipating an astonishing roadshow on The FUTURA. The ship is equipped with all the facilities you need to let your product emerge from the crowd.

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